Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home: Providing Comfort and Support in Sanford, NC

Rogers-pickard funeral home sanford nc obituaries – Welcome to the world of Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home, a beacon of compassion and support in the heart of Sanford, NC. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to personalized care, this esteemed establishment offers a wide range of services to guide you through life’s most challenging moments.

From heartfelt obituaries to tailored funeral services, Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home is dedicated to honoring the memories of your loved ones and providing solace during times of grief. Their compassionate staff and unwavering dedication make them a trusted companion on this difficult journey.

Obituary Information

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home in Sanford, NC offers a range of obituary services to help families honor and remember their loved ones. Whether you need a traditional obituary or something more personalized, we can work with you to create a meaningful tribute.

Types of Obituaries

  • Traditional Obituaries:These obituaries typically include the deceased’s name, age, date of death, and a brief summary of their life.
  • Extended Obituaries:These obituaries provide more detail about the deceased’s life, including their accomplishments, interests, and family history.
  • Personalized Obituaries:These obituaries are tailored to the specific wishes of the family. They may include poems, quotes, or other special touches that reflect the deceased’s personality.

Submitting an Obituary

To submit an obituary, you can either visit the Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home website or call us at (919) 776- 4400. We will need the following information:

  • The deceased’s name, age, and date of death
  • A brief summary of their life
  • Any special requests for the obituary

Once we have received your information, we will create a draft of the obituary and send it to you for approval. Once you are satisfied with the obituary, we will publish it on our website and in the local newspaper.

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Funeral Services

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offers a wide range of funeral services to meet the needs of every family. We understand that every family is unique, and we work with you to create a funeral service that is personal and meaningful.Our services include traditional funerals, memorial services, and other options.

We can also help you with cremation, burial, and other funeral arrangements. We offer a variety of customization options for our funeral services, so you can create a service that is truly unique.

Traditional Funerals

A traditional funeral is a service that includes a viewing, a funeral service, and a burial. The viewing is an opportunity for family and friends to say goodbye to the deceased. The funeral service is a time to celebrate the life of the deceased and to say goodbye.

The burial is the final resting place for the deceased.

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Memorial Services

A memorial service is a service that is held after the cremation or burial of the deceased. Memorial services are a time to celebrate the life of the deceased and to say goodbye. They can be held in a variety of locations, including churches, funeral homes, and parks.

Other Options

In addition to traditional funerals and memorial services, we also offer a variety of other funeral options. These options include:

  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • Graveside services
  • Urn vaults
  • Headstones
  • Markers

We can also help you with the following:

  • Pre-planning
  • Funeral financing
  • Grief counseling

Cemetery Services: Rogers-pickard Funeral Home Sanford Nc Obituaries

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offers a range of cemetery services to assist families in planning and executing meaningful burials for their loved ones. We understand the importance of creating a respectful and memorable final resting place, and our experienced staff is dedicated to providing personalized support throughout the process.

Burial Options

Families can choose from various burial options to meet their specific needs and preferences. These options include:

  • Traditional Burial:This involves interring the deceased’s remains in a casket or coffin within a designated gravesite.
  • Cremation Burial:The deceased’s remains are cremated and buried in an urn within a gravesite or columbarium.
  • Mausoleum Burial:The deceased’s remains are interred in an above-ground structure, such as a mausoleum or crypt.

Cemetery Planning and Maintenance

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home provides guidance and support for cemetery planning and maintenance. We assist families in selecting appropriate gravesites, headstones, and other memorial markers. Our team also offers ongoing maintenance services to ensure the cemetery remains a respectful and well-maintained space for families to visit and remember their loved ones.

Grief Support

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home recognizes that grief is a complex and personal journey. We are committed to providing comprehensive grief support services to help individuals and families cope with the loss of a loved one.

Our compassionate team offers a wide range of support options, including:


  • Individual counseling sessions provide a safe and confidential space for individuals to process their grief and develop coping mechanisms.
  • Family counseling sessions help families navigate the challenges of grief together and strengthen their bonds.

Support Groups, Rogers-pickard funeral home sanford nc obituaries

We facilitate support groups that connect individuals who have experienced similar losses. These groups provide a sense of community and shared understanding, allowing participants to support and learn from one another.

Other Resources

  • Grief education workshops provide information and tools to help individuals understand the grieving process and develop coping strategies.
  • Online resources, such as our website and social media pages, offer additional support and information.

Grief support is essential for the well-being of individuals and families coping with loss. It provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals can process their emotions, develop coping mechanisms, and connect with others who understand their journey.

Community Involvement

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home is deeply committed to giving back to the Sanford, NC community. We believe that being an active part of our community is essential to our mission of providing compassionate and meaningful end-of-life care.Through a variety of outreach programs and initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our neighbors.

Our goal is to not only provide funeral services but also to support the community in times of need and celebration.

Community Outreach Programs

We are proud to participate in several community outreach programs, including:

  • Hospice Care:We provide compassionate care and support to hospice patients and their families, offering respite care, emotional support, and practical assistance.
  • Grief Support Groups:We facilitate grief support groups for individuals and families who have experienced the loss of a loved one, providing a safe and supportive environment for sharing and healing.
  • Community Events:We participate in various community events, such as health fairs and educational workshops, to provide information about end-of-life care and support services.

Importance of Community Involvement

Community involvement is an integral part of our funeral home’s mission. It allows us to:

  • Build Relationships:By engaging with the community, we build strong relationships with individuals and organizations, fostering a sense of trust and support.
  • Provide Support:Our outreach programs provide much-needed support to those in need, whether it’s hospice care, grief support, or simply a listening ear.
  • Promote Awareness:Through our involvement in community events, we raise awareness about end-of-life care and the importance of planning ahead.
  • Give Back:As a local business, we believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the community that supports us.

We are proud to be an active part of the Sanford community and will continue to find ways to support our neighbors and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

History and Legacy

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home has been serving the Sanford, NC community for over a century. Founded in 1910 by J.W. Rogers and W.H. Pickard, the funeral home has been a cornerstone of the community, providing compassionate and professional care to families during their time of need.

Over the years, Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home has built a reputation for excellence, earning the trust and respect of countless families. The funeral home’s commitment to providing personalized and meaningful services has been unwavering, and its staff has consistently gone above and beyond to meet the needs of those they serve.

Values and Traditions

The values and traditions that have shaped Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home’s reputation include:

  • Compassion: The staff at Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home understands the pain and grief that comes with losing a loved one, and they strive to provide compassionate and supportive care to every family they serve.
  • Professionalism: The funeral home’s staff is highly trained and experienced, and they take pride in providing professional and dignified services.
  • Personalization: Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home believes that every funeral should be a unique and meaningful reflection of the life of the deceased. The staff works closely with families to create personalized services that honor the memory of their loved one.
  • Community Involvement: Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home is an active member of the Sanford community. The funeral home staff regularly volunteers their time and resources to support local organizations and events.

Last Point

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home stands as a pillar of support in the Sanford community, offering a helping hand and a listening ear to those who need it most. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing personalized care make them a beacon of hope and comfort during life’s most challenging moments.

FAQ Explained

What types of obituaries does Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offer?

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offers a variety of obituary options, including traditional obituaries, extended obituaries, and online obituaries.

What is the process for submitting an obituary for publication?

To submit an obituary for publication, you can contact Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home by phone, email, or in person. They will provide you with a form to fill out and will guide you through the submission process.

What are the different types of funeral services offered by Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home?

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offers a range of funeral services, including traditional funerals, memorial services, graveside services, and cremation services.

What are the different types of burial options available at Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home?

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offers a variety of burial options, including traditional ground burial, mausoleum entombment, and cremation with burial.

What grief support services does Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offer?

Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home offers a variety of grief support services, including individual counseling, support groups, and online resources.