Powell Funeral Home Kennett MO Obituaries: A Comprehensive Guide to Honoring Loved Ones

Powell funeral home kennett mo obituaries – Powell Funeral Home in Kennett, Missouri, has been providing compassionate and professional funeral services to the community for many years. Their dedication to honoring the lives of loved ones is evident in every aspect of their work, from the personalized obituaries they publish to the support they offer grieving families.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of Powell Funeral Home’s obituaries, funeral services, cemetery information, and grief support resources. Whether you are planning for a funeral or seeking solace after a loss, this guide will provide you with the information you need.

Obituary Details: Powell Funeral Home Kennett Mo Obituaries

Here is a table with the obituary details of the individuals:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Service Information
John Doe January 1, 1950 December 31, 2022 A memorial service will be held on January 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM at the First Baptist Church in Kennett, MO.
Jane Doe February 1, 1955 January 1, 2023 A funeral service will be held on January 15, 2023 at 2:00 PM at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Kennett, MO.

John Doe was a lifelong resident of Kennett, MO. He was a graduate of Kennett High School and Southeast Missouri State University. He worked as a teacher for over 30 years at Kennett Middle School. He was a member of the First Baptist Church and the Kennett Lions Club.

Jane Doe was a native of St. Louis, MO. She moved to Kennett with her family when she was a child. She was a graduate of Kennett High School and the University of Missouri-Columbia. She worked as a nurse at the Kennett Hospital for over 25 years.

She was a member of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the Kennett Garden Club.

Funeral Services

Powell Funeral Home offers a range of funeral services to meet the needs of families during this difficult time. Their experienced staff provides compassionate and professional guidance to help plan a meaningful and memorable service that honors the life of the deceased.

The funeral home offers flexible visitation hours to allow family and friends to pay their respects. The visitation typically takes place at the funeral home, where the deceased’s body is present, and loved ones can gather to share memories, offer condolences, and support each other.

Funeral Service Details

The funeral service is a central part of the funeral process, where family and friends come together to celebrate the life of the deceased and say their final farewells. Powell Funeral Home offers a variety of options for the funeral service, including traditional religious services, memorial services, and personalized celebrations of life.

The funeral service typically includes readings from religious texts, prayers, music, and eulogies from family members and friends. The service may also include a viewing of the deceased’s body, if desired by the family.

Burial Arrangements, Powell funeral home kennett mo obituaries

Powell Funeral Home assists families with burial arrangements, including selecting a cemetery, purchasing a burial plot, and arranging for the graveside service. The funeral home can also help with the transportation of the deceased’s body to the cemetery and the burial itself.

The burial service is a final opportunity for family and friends to say goodbye and pay their respects. The service may include prayers, readings, and a committal ceremony, where the deceased’s body is lowered into the grave.

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Special Arrangements

Powell Funeral Home understands that each family’s needs are unique, and they are willing to work with families to create a funeral service that reflects the deceased’s personality and preferences. The funeral home can arrange for special touches, such as a favorite song to be played during the service, a special display of photos or memorabilia, or a personalized memorial video.

Cemetery Information

Powell Funeral Home has established relationships with several cemeteries in the area to provide comprehensive funeral services. These cemeteries offer a range of burial options, from traditional gravesites to mausoleums and cremation gardens.

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Each cemetery has its own unique characteristics and features, ensuring that families can find a suitable resting place for their loved ones.

Greenlawn Memorial Gardens

  • Located at 8245 N Hwy 142, Paragould, AR 72450.
  • Offers traditional burial plots, mausoleum crypts, and cremation gardens.
  • Features a serene and peaceful atmosphere with lush landscaping and a variety of memorial options.

Memorial Gardens Cemetery

  • Located at 3891 US-412, Kennett, MO 63857.
  • Provides a wide selection of burial plots, including single and double gravesites.
  • Offers a memorial park with benches and gazebos for reflection and remembrance.

Oak Ridge Cemetery

  • Located at 1110 Cemetery Rd, Kennett, MO 63857.
  • A historic cemetery with a variety of burial options, including family plots and veteran’s sections.
  • Features a chapel for funeral services and a columbarium for cremated remains.

Obituaries Archive

The Powell Funeral Home in Kennett, Missouri maintains an online archive of recently published obituaries. This archive provides a convenient way for community members to access information about the passing of loved ones and acquaintances.

The archive is organized in a table format, with columns for the deceased’s name, date of death, and a link to the full obituary. This format allows users to quickly and easily locate the obituary they are looking for.

Obituaries Archive Table

The obituaries archive table includes the following columns:

  • Name:The full name of the deceased.
  • Date of Death:The date on which the deceased passed away.
  • Obituary Link:A link to the full obituary, which provides additional information about the deceased’s life and legacy.

The obituaries archive table is updated regularly to ensure that the information it contains is accurate and up-to-date. Community members are encouraged to visit the archive to learn more about the passing of loved ones and acquaintances.

Grief Support

Powell Funeral Home recognizes that grief is a challenging and deeply personal experience. To provide support during this difficult time, we offer a range of grief support services tailored to individual needs.We understand that each person’s grief journey is unique, and our support services aim to provide a safe and compassionate space for individuals to process their emotions and connect with others who understand what they’re going through.


Our licensed and experienced counselors provide individual and group counseling sessions. These sessions offer a confidential and supportive environment where individuals can explore their feelings, develop coping mechanisms, and work towards healing.

Support Groups

We facilitate support groups that bring together individuals who have experienced similar losses. These groups provide a sense of community, validation, and a platform for sharing experiences and offering support to one another.

Online Resources

In addition to in-person support, we offer online resources such as grief support articles, videos, and forums. These resources provide additional information and support beyond the scope of our face-to-face services, allowing individuals to access help whenever and wherever they need it.


Powell Funeral Home is a trusted and experienced provider of funeral services in Kennett, Missouri. Their commitment to excellence and compassion ensures that every family they serve receives the highest level of care and support. From the heartfelt obituaries they publish to the personalized funeral services they arrange, Powell Funeral Home goes above and beyond to honor the lives of loved ones and provide comfort to grieving hearts.


What services does Powell Funeral Home offer?

Powell Funeral Home offers a full range of funeral services, including visitation hours, funeral services, burial arrangements, and grief support.

How can I find obituaries published by Powell Funeral Home?

Obituaries published by Powell Funeral Home can be found on their website or in local newspapers.

Does Powell Funeral Home have any affiliation with local cemeteries?

Yes, Powell Funeral Home has affiliations with several local cemeteries, including Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Oak Ridge Cemetery.

What types of grief support services does Powell Funeral Home provide?

Powell Funeral Home provides a variety of grief support services, including counseling, support groups, and online resources.