Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home: Durham, NC Obituaries

Ellis d jones funeral home durham nc obituaries – Welcome to Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home, where we provide compassionate and personalized funeral services to families in Durham, NC. Explore our website to access obituaries, learn about our funeral arrangements, and discover our commitment to serving the community.

Obituary Information

The Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home website offers obituaries for those who have passed away. The obituaries provide information about the deceased, including their name, date of death, and any other relevant information.

Here is a list of obituaries available on the website:

  • John Doe, died on January 1, 2023
  • Jane Doe, died on January 2, 2023
  • Richard Roe, died on January 3, 2023

Funeral Arrangements

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home provides compassionate and comprehensive funeral services to support families during their time of grief. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to creating meaningful and personalized ceremonies that honor the memory of your loved one.

We offer a range of funeral arrangements to meet the unique needs and preferences of each family. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral, cremation, or memorial service, our team will work closely with you to create a service that reflects the life and legacy of your loved one.

Types of Funeral Services

  • Traditional Funerals:A traditional funeral includes a viewing or visitation, followed by a funeral service and burial. This type of service allows family and friends to gather to pay their respects and say goodbye to their loved one.
  • Cremations:Cremation is a process in which the body is reduced to ashes through intense heat. We offer both traditional and direct cremation services, as well as a variety of urn and memorial options.
  • Memorial Services:A memorial service is a ceremony held to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away. This type of service can be held at any time after the death and is often a more flexible option for families who may not want a traditional funeral.

Cemetery Information

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home collaborates with several cemeteries to provide burial services. These cemeteries offer a range of options to meet the diverse needs and preferences of families.

Here’s a list of the cemeteries we work with, along with their locations and contact information:

Maplewood Cemetery

  • Address:1601 Glenwood Ave, Durham, NC 27705
  • Phone:(919) 286-3641

Parkwood Cemetery

  • Address:3516 Wake Forest Rd, Durham, NC 27703
  • Phone:(919) 688-5553

Woodlawn Memorial Park

  • Address:400 Woodlawn Ave, Durham, NC 27703
  • Phone:(919) 596-3232

Pre-Planning Services

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home understands the importance of pre-planning funeral arrangements. Pre-planning allows families to make end-of-life decisions in advance, saving them money and stress during a difficult time.By planning ahead, families can ensure that their loved one’s wishes are honored and that the funeral reflects their personality and values.

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Pre-planning also helps families avoid making costly decisions under pressure and can help them budget for funeral expenses.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

* Peace of mind:Pre-planning gives families peace of mind knowing that their loved one’s wishes will be respected and that the funeral will be handled according to their specifications.

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Cost savings

Pre-planning can help families save money by locking in current prices for funeral services.

Reduced stress

Pre-planning eliminates the need for families to make difficult decisions during a time of grief.

Personalized funeral

Pre-planning allows families to customize the funeral to reflect their loved one’s personality and values.

Community Involvement: Ellis D Jones Funeral Home Durham Nc Obituaries

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home is deeply committed to giving back to the Durham community. The funeral home has a long history of supporting local organizations and events, and its staff is actively involved in a variety of community initiatives.

Local Organizations

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home provides financial support to a number of local organizations, including the Durham Rescue Mission, the United Way of the Greater Triangle, and the Durham Arts Council. The funeral home also provides in-kind donations, such as food and clothing, to local charities.

Community Events, Ellis d jones funeral home durham nc obituaries

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home is a proud sponsor of several community events, including the Durham Bull City Heritage Festival, the Durham Arts Walk, and the Durham Christmas Parade. The funeral home also hosts its own annual community event, the Ellis D.

Jones Funeral Home Family Fun Day.

Staff Involvement

The staff at Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home is actively involved in the community. Many staff members volunteer their time to local organizations, and the funeral home encourages its staff to participate in community events.

History and Legacy

Established in the heart of Durham, North Carolina, Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home has served the community with compassion and dedication for over a century.

Mission and Values

Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home’s unwavering mission is to provide families with personalized and meaningful funeral services that honor the memory of their loved ones. Guided by the values of empathy, integrity, and excellence, the funeral home strives to create a comforting and supportive environment during this difficult time.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for choosing Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home. We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to pre-plan your end-of-life arrangements.

Essential Questionnaire

What services does Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home offer?

We offer a range of services, including traditional funerals, cremations, and memorial services. We also provide pre-planning services to help families save money and make end-of-life decisions easier.

Where is Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home located?

We are located at 1001 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701.

How do I contact Ellis D. Jones Funeral Home?

You can contact us by phone at (919) 688-3101 or by email at [email protected].